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Monday, March 13, 2017



It's surprising how hard it is to engage with people when finals are near. I would have liked to have more images for this project, but even a short break from studying frightened people. Everyone was very stressed and rushed.

Each illustration took maybe five minutes to complete, and yet I had people who were too busy.

Finals are so scary for college students. It's like life or death. So many students going without sleep. It feels like a war zone.

I just want to talk to you about art. Please come doodle with me. Where are you going. omg

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

growth old to new

reflecting on my history as an artist

I used to think that to be an artist, you had to draw everything as an accurate recreation of the real world. I would avoid hands because they were hard and I couldn't render them realistically. I ended up drawing the same girl from a ¾ angle with her arms awkwardly behind her back again and again. 

                when I got over that, I thought that to grow as an artist, you had to be able to draw anything and everything. I detested using color so I forced myself to use markers every day until they became an integral part of my art supplies.
                But now I draw grotesque figures that are purposefully distorted from the natural form and I will never draw a landscape.

and sometimes i post on a blog too

and i guess that is also art 

I guess it took

taking formal classes

 for me to unlearn everything i knew

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


what a guy
who is really hard to research if you aren't trying to fall asleep
like seriously its the same story as any other british mathematician
he had some good ideas about education and civilization I guess
so mcluhan got up on that
im tired of mr. a. n. whitehead

Gallery Opening

The gallery opening was strange. The night was icy and people that said they would come ended up staying in because of it. (Like I could blame them)

I didn't know who to talk to or what to do. I didn't know what to say. I never know what to say at things like this.

It was nice seeing everyone's art on the wall. Seeing what everyone decided to pick.

I felt most comfortable joking about food and reading oversized art books. I don't really know anyone.

I felt bad that I was absent on Wednesday, but the titles were pretty perfect so that was no problem. I just want to pull my own weight.

I was very frustrated that my book hadn't arrived. I kinda felt like I wasn't really part of the exhibit without it. Or, at least, I was less of a part of it.

But it was nice to see my art on the wall.

Monday, February 13, 2017

sounds in the ocean

sound of ship passing overhead as well as cod vocalizations from mariana trench
noaa "bloop" sound
ocean waves
underwater sound effects
submersible interactions in the deep