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Monday, April 10, 2017

who are yuo

My freshman year I made a documentary where I asked people "who are you" and the results were mixed and very interesting. Something that is so personal is so difficult to articulate or so hard to even think about.

This project let people confront that question in a different way. These were the results of being asked to write down a response to "who are you"


  1. I really love how the visuals of the way people arranged the words on the paper are just as interesting and varied as the words themselves, and tell us just as much about the person.

  2. I think this piece explores identity in a variety of ways. For me, I think that it connects very well to the idea of the constructed nature of identity, like how can I write this so that it reflects who I am? It reminds me of the psychology practice of trying to understand a person based on their script. I would be interested to see if you added an unexpected element into the project, like different colored construction paper. You could even experiment with giving people a specific color and letting another choose their color.