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Monday, April 3, 2017

Tyanna Buie

Tyanna Buie had incredible energy at her talk. From the moment she stepped up to the podium, I was totally engaged. Despite technical difficulties, the talk was delightful.

Buie's art was powerful and touches on the conversation of "high" art and "low" art which was also incredibly interesting in Rashaad Newsome's work. Buie's emphasis on family was particularly interesting. Her talk was primarily made of anecdotes instead of tales of her achievements, which wouldn't have taken away the quality of the talk, but I appreciate hearing the stories of the art more.

Buie's art had very eerie quality to it, juxtaposed to her casual manner of speaking.

I particularly liked the images where she incorporated handmade chains into the work.  I thought that the use of 3D objects on paper created really interesting space and added very cool layers to the work. It also drew back the ideas to the exhibit with the silver which I also really enjoyed.

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