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Monday, April 17, 2017

i dunno waht to cal it

So I wanted to do a project that was a lot about what I did in my private time

my original idea was to just go in and play video games or lay down or turn on forensic files but I felt like it wasn't enough

it's boring
it covers the doing in real life aspect of the project but its also a performance it's a performance goddammit

so i thought for a bit and i was like
how can i get someone to interact with me
without me saying a thing

because i knew i didnt want to speak during my performance

well the easiest way i could think of was to offer something

and that became a sort of experiment

how long would someone go before they accepted a gift?

if I offered a toy, would anyone take it at all? what if it were wrapped? I have like 2 minutes what would go quickest but still provide something interesting?

The plan was to lay out tons of tea varieties and a sugar bowl and cream
like a whole freaking tea party

and wait for someone to join me

but then this morning i forgot to get milk
and i was running late to class because my allergies are killing me and liek whoa

so instead i got something that required less of a set up that had a similar effect

and that was cocoa

cheers to a successful performance

thx noah (and also veronica, I saw you goin for it too)

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  1. I can't stress enough how well I thought your simple preparations and presentation pointed out aspects of performance, observation, and daily life that are often taken for granted. The expectation that someone was supposed to drink was clearly present to all of us, but the fact that it was "art" and the fact that we were all supposed to be "documenting" seemed to make us all oblivious to the fact that we could be the one to drink the cocoa.