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Friday, June 2, 2017

Studio Art Show Reflection

The studio art show was very inspiring. I was really happy with how diverse the show was-- of course, I haven't had the opportunity to go to one before, so I can't say if they all had this level of diversity but seeing music, pixel puzzles, VR, paintings, drawing, sculpture, comics-- it was delightful.

I am very biased, but my favorite part of the exhibit was Willa Johnson's. Willa is a good friend of mine and we both share a love for comics. I thought her way of displaying her work was very intimate and made me feel much more comfortable than I thought I could ever be in a gallery.

I'm not sure why but gallery spaces make me anxious. I think many people may share this feeling as well. Willa's little nook to read comics and learn about the process of printmaking was like a home away from home. I felt more comfortable talking to people that came in to see the work and I felt very engaged with the art. It was also nice seeing the ilLUstrator featured-- because collaboration is beautiful.

I thought that Nick's exhibit was a bit interesting and... strange. It wasn't bad-- his art was lovely. I just found that the way he marketed his music at the showcase was a little out of place. I mean, rock on and make that money. It just also seemed a little disrespectful? But really where is the idea that this gallery space needs to be super professional? If I've learned anything this term its that this sort of thing is larger than just trying to sell music.

Or maybe it's not. Maybe it doesn't matter. What matters is that Nick put out art and I saw it and got something from it.

It's not there for me to enjoy-- necessarily. And it definitely wasn't made for me. So it really doesn't matter what I think of it.

(But I still find it  bit distasteful)

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