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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Liam Gillick

I guess it's all about how he conceives his art. Because, like, I don't see the difference between this

and another piece of modern art in a gallery. 

Of course Gillick takes his art out of the gallery and that's cool. He's also really big into collaboration as well as his writing. He's been called "highly intellectual" and there's no doubt in my mind that his work goes far beyond what is seen. 

It's a sort of architectural artist. He puts architecture into the gallery and then puts art into the world. I like that duality. 

Besides the complexities of Gillick's work, it's also just... pleasing. Color, tone, line-- it all comes together in visually appealing ways. so. you know. that's a bonus. 


  1. This work seems to be very conceptually complicated, in ways that I don't feel like I completely understand. Either that, or their is no concept, I'm not sure. But either way it is so aesthetically beautiful in a wonderfully simple way that I almost don't feel like I need to fully understand the concept to appreciate it.

  2. There is definitely a conceptual core to his pieces, and after researching a conceptual artist for my report, honestly, I don't know what this guy is getting at, because there doesn't really seem to be a detectable idea to his body of work. The works are definitely visually pleasing, but yeah, like with the rest of modern art, there's something there that I just don't get unless I read about it.